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Weeds                      Weed Control 

The definition of a weed is a plant growing where it shouldn’t, robbing moisture and soil nutrients from the flowers and shrubbery around them. For some types of weeds, eradication is fairly easy, but for others, especially more invasive plants, keeping them under control can become a full scale weed war.

The University of Arizona list thirty-eight especially virulent weeds common to the Phoenix area, and because of this most home-owner associations have strict guidelines concerning weed control. Worst of all, tall thick weed patches can provide refuge for bugs, scorpions and other pests waiting to infest your home.

Removing these annoying plants yourself can be both annoying and time consuming. Let the weed control experts at ScorpionTech™ handle the job for you. We use only the safest chemical herbicides to prevent new weeds from germinating and remove those that already exist. Once things are under control, we continue to treat your yard to keep the problem from returning.

Trust the highly trained, drug-tested and courteous technicians from ScorpionTech™ to help you win the weed war. Call today for more 480-800-3777 or Email: inbox@scorpiontechaz.com to get a free quote.

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